Okarina Tours is a family run travel agency that specializes in organizing custom-made tours (tailor made travelling), gourmet tours where we dine on cuisine in elegant, charming regional restaurants, adventure tours, and wine tours to wine countries around the world. We present our valued customers with creative tours that add an extra touch of imagination. Our guides and programs are flexible, so we can cater to your every need if you travel as an individual, with your family, or in the group with your friends. Our teams research the trip and plan with your point of view in mind.  Incoming tourism is our main activity. For our clients worldwide, we are specialists for tours that cover Europe, the Balkan countries and Eastern Europe.
For years now, Okarina Tours has been the official tour coordinator for the Slovenian Lions Club, travelling to LCI international conventions and post convention tours around the world. We also cooperate with the Amateur Sparkling Wine Club (founded by Miha Istenic, the famous Slovenian Sparkling wine Winery) and Vitis Wine Club from Bled that works to promote wine culture.

The Ocarina

The Ocarina is a diatonic, one-piece wind instrument made from terracotta in a natural finish. From its earliest appearance in the ancient civilizations of the world to the present day, the ocarina has possessed the allure of the flute while maintaining a mystique all its own. The ocarina is probably more than 12,000 years old. Ancient examples have been cited -small whistles shaped like birds or other animals and made of terracotta have bee known in India for 6,000 years. In China it already appeared as early as five thousand years ago. There is an egg shaped wind instrument- the Xun, made of earthenware clay with six tone holes with a blowing opening. The Xun has a history of more than 7,000 years. The name "ocarina" was given to a version of the instrument in Italy in the 1850´s. Earlier in this century these were called "sweet potatoes" in this country, and during World War II the U.S. government issued mass-produced plastic ocarinas to its soldiers as a morale booster.

The National Museum of Slovenia
The National Museum of Slovenia, which was founded by the Carniolan State Parliament on the 15th of October 1821, is the oldest of all Slovenian museum institutions
The Slovene Ethnographic Museum
The Slovene Ethnographic Museum invites you to visit the treasure house of Slovene and non-European heritage where objects tell stories of people, where man, nature and culture spin in an eternal dance...
Holistic Retreats is about traveling and discovering your inner - self, relationships with people, nature, culture and society. It is a place for healing and creation.
About Slovenia
Nature and wellness tours in the Green Heart of Europe
Ultimate Slovenia tours
Celebrate the best of Slovenia with ‘Ultimate Slovenia’
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