The Podravje Wine Region

Podravje, the largest of Slovenia's winegrowing regions, is divided into six winegrowing areas. The wines of the region are among the most prestigious in Slovenia; the region is particularly famous for its late harvest and other wines of special quality. Its moderate climate and specific soils are ideal for the production of rich, aromatic white wines. The German influence is the most evident in the region's choice of grapes to cultivate - the best white wines of the region are similar to those grown in the Rhine and Mosel valleys but are generally more aromatic, sweeter, and stronger, thanks to the warmer climate.


in a rather famous site in one of the six areas, called "Jerusalem."
Legend has it that an expedition of Crusaders (not very devout ones, it appears) arrived here, noted that the wine was good and the people hospitable, and simply decreed that they had reached the Biblical Jerusalem and went no further.

1. day:Arrival to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana

  • Arrival to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana – visit of the city, free for lunch
  • stop in Slovenia’s oldest town, Ptuj – wine tasting at the oldest wine archive in Slovenia, which can proudly display the rarest of vintages, including the 1917 "Zlata trta"
  • dinner and overnight at a family pension in Jeruzalem owned by a winemaker


Range of top quality wines:

White wines: Pinot Blanc, Sipon
White blends: out of Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, Renski Rizling, Laski Rizling, Chardonnay 
Red wines: Modri Pinot
  • After breakfast two wine tasting in the area before driving to the Slovenske Gorice area for lunch in the oldest private cellar in the country


Range of top quality wines:

White wines: Sipon, Sauvignon, Laski Rizling, Chardonnay, Rumeni Muskat
Red wines: Modri Pinot
  • Taking a small detour, we will visit a floating mill on the MuraRiver

Dinner: in a country inn restaurant near by


Range of top quality wines:

White wines: Sipon, Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Sauvignon, Rumeni Muskat, Sivi Pinot-Roulandec, Traminec
White blends: Modri Pinot, Modra Frankinja, Zametna Crnina
Red wines: blended white wines
  • the day will be dedicated to the Maribor wine area which has the largest number of prized wines in the Podravje region.
  • We will start the morning with a visit of the second biggest town of Slovenia, Maribor
    • the biggest pride of  the inhabitants of Maribor is the oldest living vine in Europe (and probably even world-wide) still growing and bearing grapes. It’s a Žametna Črnina planted some 440 years ago in Lent, the old part of Maribor. Its harvest is a festive occasion: only some thirty-five liters (9.25 gallons) of wine are produced from this ancient vine annually and are sold in special small bottles with official certificates and the seal of the City of Maribor.
  • visit of the  200-year-old Vinag cellar, also known as the Maribor Wine Tabernacle, which has an area of 20,000 square meters (about 4.9 acres) in three kilometres (1.86 miles) of underground tunnels beneath the centre of Maribor and stores most of the excellent wines of the area.

Lunch: free for lunch in the city

  • Wine tasting at two winemakers in the hills behind the city

Dinner: at a country inn on top of one of the many hills overlooking the city of Maribor and the panning plains

4. day: end of tour - Transfer

  • after breakfast end of tour. If necessary, transfer to your home-bound transportation.


Wine has been known in the area since prehistoric times: the latest archaeological finds indicate that the Celtic and Illyrian tribes of the region knew wine, probably learning about it from the Greeks. The region was famous for its excellent wines during the Roman period and was the first to re-establish commercial viticulture after the barbarian invasions from the East subsided.

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