The Posavje Wine Region

Posavje is the region where the French influence affected the local viticulture more than in any other Slovene winegrowing region; consequently, Posavje is primarily known for its blended wines. Local growers were always individualists, stubbornly growing and tending their wines in small private cellars or zidanice.

1. day - Arrival to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana

  • Arrival to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana – visit of the city, free for lunch
  • drive to the property of the Istenič family – dinner and overnight
    • Janez Istenič was the first to realise the soil in this area is perfect for producing sparkling wines. In the year 1968 he bought two hectares of vineyards in the area and became the first individual viticulturist to produce sparkling wine by the classical method. A family viticulture company Barbara International grew out of his endeavours. In its cellars, today one hundred thousand bottles of classical sparkling wine, sec and demy-sec are to be found. The Istenič family still has wines as well, White Bizeljsko, Red Bizeljsko, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. The collection of awards is ever larger.


Range of top quality wines:

White wines: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Laski rizling
Red wines: Modra Frankinja
Autohtonius sorts: Rumeni Plavec
  • Bizeljsko has to offer a lot of interesting places. The constitution of the soil in the area allowed to dig holes into the hills and in that way with no particular effort they got caves with natural temperature for stocking wine. These places were called “repnica” and we will visit  one of them and try the wine that rests in those places. 

Lunch: at one more great winemaker who sells most of his wines in his own restaurant.

  • Visit of a  picturesque minority monastery and church and a small private chocolate factory which is situated next to it
  • Visit to Rogaška crystal factory, a crystal factory which was founded in the 18th century and is known mostly for its beautiful products that are still hand-made and hand-blown
  • On the way back to Istenič, we will still make a discovery of the biodinamic production of wine.


Range of top quality wines:

Autochthonous wine: Cvicek
White blends: various compositions, Laski Rizling, Kraljevina, Rumeni Plavec, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc  
Red wines: Modra Frankinja
  • We will start the day with wine tasting of the famous Cviček – a wine of health, happiness and songs. Slovenian new president Janez Drnovšek once said: “There’s nothing to say about Cviček: cviček is meant for drinking”!
  • After a glass of health and happiness we will visit the only still inhabited Carthusian monastery in the country. It was established in the 15th century and has an intriguing history.
  • The journey will then lead us through Novo Mesto in to the area called Bela Krajina. 


Range of top quality wines:

White wines:  Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Renski Rizling
Red wines: Modri Pinot
Red blend: Metliska Crnina - traditionally a blend of Modra Frankinja, Modra Portugalka,
Zametna Crnina and Sentlovrenka

Lunch: at the wine cellar home of the first Slovenian Wine Queen.

  • We will have a chance to try Metliška Črnina in the largest wine cellar in the region established in 1929.
  • A village not far has an interesting tradition. The whole village has a common barrel where they keep a portion of their yearly production, so in case in the end of the summer nothing is left in the home barrels they can get some from the neighbourhood barrel, called “sod na rovaš”.

Dinner: at a tourist farm where they present the artisans of the area, such as “pisanice”- special way of colouring Easter eggs, wicker baskets, wrapping bottles and the production of linen items. 

4. day: End of tour

  • after breakfast departure for home, if there will be enough time there is the possibility to visit the BrežiceCastle or go swimming in a thermal health spa.


Metlika is our days famous for a deep, fruity red, called Metliška Črnina. In the Dolenjska area it’s the brown limestone soil that gives rise to an authentic Slovenian wine, Cviček, a sharp beverage that some are reluctant to call wine, but others simply adore. And in the region of Bizeljsko, on the northern side of the Sava river, the famous white blend is called Bizeljčan. In this wine region we can also find a host of wines made from Modra Frankinja (blaufrankisch) and highly recognized sparkling wines of the Istenič family.


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